Beauty tips to be avoided during Pregnancy

At first, you may wonder how can certain beauty practices affect the skin whereas there are many reasons such as:

1: No using Hair Dyes or any sort of hair colorant or treatments–  A range of chemicals can enter your blood stream leading to unwanted diseases such as cancer which will be harmful to your body also damages the placenta during pregnancy.

2: Avoid any sort of Creams such as Anti ageing cream or wrinkle

Your skin has pores and its absorbed and can enter the blood stream affecting the growth of the child.

3: Oral Retinoids

Anti wrinkle or ageing contain high dosage of Vitamin A that can affect the child growth.

4: Salicylic Acid

Face washes with such ingredient must be avoided during pregnancy because it has an aspirin like effect which can affect or bring in complications in child birth.

5: Acne Attack

During Pregnancy most of the woman face a lot of Acne on the face which is possibly because of hormonal changes in the body and mostly go away post child birth. Avoid using gels and creams containing  BHA, Tretinoin and all other retinoids. Using natural products like Lime, homemade fruit masks are advisable during pregnancy for relief or results.

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6: Avoid Makeup

Makeup can have easy access to the areas of your skin and can easily be absorbed and can enter the placenta which is dangerous for the growth of the baby. Hence, use organic and natural mineral based products than chemical based.

7: Avoid Hair removal creams

Doctors advise not to use hair removal creams during pregnancy as it has chemicals which can enter your blood stream whereas Waxing is the best option one can choose as it improves blood circulation and flow in the body and is not absorbed by the skin.

8: Avoid Sauna Baths

When you use a sauna, jacuzzi, hot tub or steam room, your body is unable to lose heat effectively by sweating. Your body’s core temperature therefore rises. It’s possible that a significant rise in your core temperature may affect your unborn baby’s development, particularly in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

9: Electrical Massages

Electric machines impulses used in electric back massagers stimulate the uterus to contract, which causes pre-mature labor. That is why physicians advise pregnant women not to use electric back massagers. Using vibrating back massager during pregnancy that are not running on electricity are usually safe.

10: Facials , Manicure and Pedicure

It is advisable to undergo an organic and natural mineral based treatments because any sort of chemical based cream or treatment can enter your blood stream causing problems.

11: Shampoos and Soaps:

It us advisable to use Paraben free, sulphate free shampoos and organic and natural soaps as any sort of chemical known or unknown can harm you by entering the blood stream during pregnancy.

12: Tattoo and Piercings

The chemicals in the tattoo dye and also the risk of indulging into infections like hepatitis B, HIV and also skin infections.

Piercing: Also piercings carry a risk of infection which is not a good time during pregnancy.

13: Avoid Tanning

The high temperatures can raise body temperatures to dangerous levels that can harm your baby.

14: Teeth whitening or dental treatments

Avoid products over the counter for teeth whitening as the chemicals such as bleach and the baking soda used in the product can harm the growth of the baby.

Dental treatments such as Cavity filling, tooth removal or Root canal can lead to infections which are not advisable during pregnancy.

15: Avoid Heavy Perfumes

Phthalates  is one of the chemical in most perfumes which can affect the growth and development of the fetus by entering the blood stream.

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