Diet During Pregnancy

Mom-to-be has to remember 3 things:

  1. Balanced Diet

  2. Be Active- Work and Exercise

  3. Avoid Junk Food

You need all nutrients in right proportion  like:

  • Carbohydrates- It builds energy within you and also the baby requires the energy to grow and build placenta. It is necessary for the body in the right proportion.

Example: Whole Wheat, Multi grain, Ragi, Bajra and all other high nutritive pulses.

  • Proteins- New cells are formed in the body during pregnancy and the new cells are required for the growth of the baby, expansion of uterus, growth of breast and placenta. Intake of proteins helps in the formation of cells.

Example:  Milk,  Milk products, Egg, Curd,  Cottage cheese-Paneer,  Soya, Cheese, Pulses, Meat in right proportion  is needed by the body.

  • Fats- Fats make the outer covering of the new cells formed and the baby’s brain  is also made up of  fat as important messengers. Thus, Fats  are very essential for the body and needed throughout pregnancy and more in the last three months when the baby’s brain is growing more rapidly.

Example: Oils from Olive and Sunflower, Almonds, Walnuts and peanuts are good sources of fats, small quantity of Butter and ghee.

  • Vitamins and Minerals- These are the most vital nutrients for the growth of the baby and its absence or deficiency at any stage can compromise the growth of baby’s organs. Some unfortunate cases vitamin deficiency can also cause congenital malformations and stillbirths. Hence,  your doctor prescribes supplements in the form of tablets and remember to follow your prescription.

How much to eat?

 It’s a myth in people that the time you come to know you are expecting start eating for two. For some women the first trimester is the tough one as some suffer from nausea and vomiting. You need to increase your food intake little by little every month and trimester.  Your baby does not have an appetite. Eat every 1 hour with healthy intakes and nutrients.

Don’t force yourself with too much food or eat double the quantity as it will only contribute to your body weight. In the first trimester, you will hardly put on some weight.

By the Second trimester, the intake of food will increase and will feel hungry all the time and will start gaining adequate weight.

By the Third – Last trimester , the baby grows rapidly to reach its final size and will also need more food at this time but may not be able to eat that much as the baby occupies most of  the space and hardly any space left for the stomach.

Your entire pregnancy you will put on between 10-15 Kg and eat healthy and nutritious food and avoid junk food. Also, intake of water as new cells are formed in the body and needed for the growth of the baby. 70% of these cells are made up of water. All the nutrients are transported to the baby by water. Hence, drinking lots of water is very important when you are pregnant.

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