Essentials for a new mum Nursing kit

A woman plays variety of roles being a mother and truly means everything and a special part. It comes with a huge set of responsibility of being a source of comfort, support and nourishment. Here, are some essentials new mum needs to be equipped with to make her confident mother and enjoy the nursing journey.

  1. Breast Pads:  These are very beneficial for mums whose breasts seem to be leaking all the time.

  2. Hydro Gel Pads: These pads help women with sore and sensitive nipples.

  3. Nipple Shield: A Nipple shield is a great help for sore and cracked nipples and allows nursing to continue while giving the nipples time to heal.

  4. Ointment: Most of the new mothers face challenges in breastfeeding due to cracked and sore nipples. A good quality ointment with pure lanolin provides relief and protection for sensitive and sore nipples during pregnancy. Moreover, its completely edible and safe for the baby.

  5. Breast pumps: The feed of the baby can be stored in bottles for later feed with these pumps. A breast-pump may also stimulate lactation for women with low milk supply.

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  6. Breast feed storage bags and bottles: Bags and bottles to store the breast milk for the baby.

  7. Nursing Bras: Women need to breastfeed babies every two hours and its always beneficial to wear well defined bras that will adapt to the changing body’s shape and provide a comfortable experience.

  8. Nursing Pillow: A must for mothers to achieve a comfortable position and save their arms and back from a lot of pain making the breastfeeding experience better.

  9. Nursing Wrap: For discreet and comfortable breastfeeding in public.

  10. Nursing bibs for babies: Bibs for Babies who undergo breastfeeding in public or even at home.

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