How to get Pregnant Fast and Easy?

The joy of having a baby and becoming a mother forms a significant part of every woman’s dreams. Certain procedures can be adopted by the couple to make their chances for fruitful.

1-Time Menstrual Cycle
Women, who have regular monthly menstrual cycles, follow every 28 days and can easily figure out their ovulation date by counting 14 days from the first day of the period. Ovulation calendar and Ovulation calculator can help you calculate the exact ovulation date.

2- Observe Fertility signs
During your fertile phase, 3 to 5 days before Ovulation woman’s cervical position is soft, open and wet whereas it’s relatively firm, low and closed.

3- Chart your BBT
Basal Body Temperature increases when a woman is most fertile.

4- Age also Matters
Fertility of a woman decreases after reaching 30. Post 30, she becomes prone to pregnancy and childbirth complications such as Gestational diabetes and premature delivery. The age factor also applies to men as well, as with increasing age their sperm count goes down.

5-Right Position
Ensure a desirable position during sexual intercourse to get pregnant fast and easy.

6- Hold the Sperm for Long
After intercourse, woman should keep lying on her back for at least 15 mins to keep the sperm stay longer.

7- Follow a healthy lifestyle
A balanced diet helps both men and women to manage the production of hormones. An imbalance can mar the man’s ability to produce fertile sperms and similarly lead to a rise in oestrogen levels. Women who seek to get pregnant fast and easy should quit unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, alcohol drinking , chewing tobacco and Drugs


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8- Reduce Stress

9- Folic Acid
Intake of Folic acid increases the chances of conception. It can be found naturally in green leafy vegetables such as spinach, Beetroot broccoli and Asparagus.

10- Seek Expert advice
Schedule and appointment with your gynecologist and get your hormonal levels checked and other conditions.

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