How to loose weight post pregnancy

Post pregnancy weight gain is a cause of concern and depression among many women but according to experts a woman should concentrate on eating healthy food for the first three months instead of weight loss. This is to ensure that new born gets complete nutrition and also to avoid nutrient depletion from the mother’s body which might lead to other complications later like osteoporosis, caused by deficiencies.

The weight gained is nothing but baby, placenta, amniotic fluid, breast tissue, uterus and extra fat on your body.
Here are some tips to get post pregnancy weight loss in a gradual but healthy way after you & your body are ready to get started:
1. No crash diets- Meet a nutritionist for a proper diet plan
2. Eat right- Healthy and Balanced diet
3. Low calorie food items
4. Drink lots of water to improve your metabolism
5. Start exercising and back to workout regime-Gym, Dancing or Yoga etc
6. Sleep well


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7. No junk snacking or midnight snacks
8. Intake high fibre meals and Protein intake
9. Avoid sugary products – Sugar, desserts, chocolates, ice-creams
10. Have Early meals to avoid heart burns
11. Intake of Green tea over caffeine as it will help lose weight
12. Be positive and stay motivated

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