Magic of yoga during pregnancy

Yoga means “union”- Union of the soul with divine consciousness. It’s a discipline to set the mind and body on the right track. Yoga makes your thoughts pure and positive with good flow of blood circulation which in turn makes you active and energetic about yourself and things around you.

Ancient practices believed walking and swimming keeps a mom to be fit and happy. Yoga during pregnancy minimizes symptoms such as morning sickness, constipation, leg cramps, ankle swelling etc. Yoga builds your core strength , muscle toning, flexibility and balance restoration in your body.  Walking plays a form cardio to maintain a healthy heart. A combination of both is the best way to prepare you for labour.

Some yoga exercises and its benefits:

1- Bhadkonasan : This position helps in opening up the pelvis and improve hip flexibility.

2- UJAYII: Breathing exercise: Increase calmness, focus and strength. It helps you to keep calm during labor pain and provides you with inner strength.

3- Vipratika mudra: It helps swollen ankles and varicose veins, relieves back pain and increases blood circulation. Also builds core strength.

4- Paschimottanasana: Provides good stretch to the hamstrings and calves and strengthen the legs.

5- Marjariasana: It tones the abdomen, improves digestion , strengthens the wrist and shoulders and brings flexibility to the spine.

6- Sethubandasana : Increases flexibility and stability of the lower back.

7- Trikonasana: It helps in stretching and flexibility and do this pose till the time you are comfortable.

8- Virabhadrasana: Helps in toning of  arms and legs, lower back. Improves stamina and alleviates frozen shoulders.

9-Malasana: It helps in strengthening the upper legs and open the pelvis.

10- Vrikshasana: It strengthens the joints , improves balance and concentration.

11-Shavasana: Builds peace and sense of calmness in the Yogi.

Points to remember while practicing yoga in pregnancy

  1.  Perform under the guidance of a professional trainer.

  2.  Hydrate yourself.

  3.  Breathe Deeply

  4.  Don’t exert your body.

  5.  Meditate and chant “OM” as it channelizes positive energy to the foetus thereby calming the mother and the baby.

  6. Yoga and meditation will relax your mind and body.

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