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Ovulation Test Kit

It is a simple, single step device which detects the LH (luteinizing hormone) in urine.

If LH is present, two stripes appear on the stick which concludes that ovulation is about to occur and that it is the best time to conceive and become pregnant! Thus it helps predicting two most fertile days to conceive.

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Ovulation Test Kit

💗Life-changing moments, and Ovlo wants to hold your hand every step of the way💗 The Ovlo ovulation kit is designed by leaders in the public medical space. Virumal Megacorp Healthcare Pvt Ltd have scoured India for the latest and greatest technologies and methods available to produce Ovlo and Ovlo Plus.  Essentially, our mission is to deliver effective and efficient products at extremely high-value, so the amazing benefits are available to the masses. Our ovulation test kit embodies this mission. 🥼Don’t waste any more time or money at the Lab!🥼 With Ovlo’s home Ovulation Test Kit, there’s no need to go to see your gynaecologist. In just a few simple steps, you can find out your most fertile ovulation window and get pregnant faster. Having sex at the right time is a crucial factor in your journey to motherhood, and with Ovlo’s ovulation strip test, you can make pinpointing the right time much easier!

User’s benefits

✅CONFIDENCE to know the time is right ✅ACCURACY of over 99% ✅TRUST with unmistakably clear results ✅RELIABILITY fertility signs can be easily missed without our Ovulation tracking app ✅EXCITEMENT let Ovlo spark your dreams for the future of parenthood! For best results… Use in the afternoon for 5 days in your fertile window. Results are available 5 minutes after your test but will fade after 10 minutes. Match results with your FREE Ovlo app (or with any menstrual cycle tracking app you are comfortable with) to calculate your ovulation window. For further info, please refer to the highly informative Ovlo App and Youtube videos. Ovlo Ovulation Test Kit, makes getting pregnant easy.

5 Midstream Ovulation Strips High Accuracy Ovulation Kit Pregnancy Planning Urine Tests with FREE Fertility Track and Calculate App


Get pregnant easier than ever with Ovlo’s Ovulation Test Kit. This ovulation kit for women detects when your key fertility hormone (Luteinizing Hormone) is highest, letting you plan accordingly with your loved one. Take control of your pregnancy with Ovulation Kit.


Ovlo’s Ovulation Kit is proven to help you get pregnant. By using Ovlo’s unmistakably clear and 99% accurate ovulation testing kit, there is no more guesswork involved in your pregnancy journey. This pregnancy kit ensures these wonderful moments are spent with your partner, not spent worrying whether the time is right!


Ovlo’s Ovulation Kit is so easy to use! Unlike other complicated fertility tests, all you have to do is urinate on the absorbent strip, wait for 5 minutes and your result will show! Once the two lines show, Ovulation will occur in the next 24-48 hours… what are you waiting for! No more expensive and embarrassing trips to the Gynaecology lab!


We care for and understand you! To ensure a high level of hygiene is kept, we don’t use an annoying urine cup or dropper with our ovulating kit. Our midstream ovulation strips are cleaner, easier to use and carry anywhere in your purse. Perfect for discreet use on-the-go.


Match your results on the FREE Ovlo app on Android! Easily track your ovulation window and know the best time to conceive using AI, reducing your chances of missing the perfect LH surge (time to conceive).  Unlike our competitors, our app won’t retain your private data, so you can feel secure using your Ovlo ovulation test kit. ovulesan ovuleshan

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