Signs of Labour

Finally the wait is over. You’re about to meet your son or daughter!

In preparation for birth, your baby is now upside down in your uterus. If he’s not, your doctor may be able to perform some techniques to prepare him for delivery. Once your baby’s in the upside down position, his head will rest against your cervix, which is opening or dilating so he can pass through the birth canal. Watch the miraculous journey your baby will go through as he (or she) exits your uterus and enters the world.

You will start experiencing slight or mild contractions two to three weeks before your calculated due date. Most women also experience false labor pain before they experience true labor pain.

There are certain signs to Labor pains:

Contractions will come and go in seconds and will occur frequently. Labor will reach lower back area and upper area of the abdomen and the pain gets stronger and painful and it can go on for hours or a day.


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1: Lightening or a sudden drop

You will get a feeling of drop in your body, the head of the baby will fall in the pelvis and you will feel lighter on the stomach and breathe even better.

2: Pink Discharge

A mucus – pink blood stained mucus discharge is visible as the cervix has opened that protects the entry of bacteria in the uterus.

3: Changes in Baby movements

At Labor, the cervix will open and there shall be regular contractions and the baby may move and shuffle and its an assurance that baby is doing well. Reduced fetal moves may be linked to stillbirth. However, once you encounter labor pain the doctor will help you in such cases.

4: Water Bag Bursting

Amniotic sac breaks and the fluid passes through the vagina in a gush. Sometimes, its difficult to distinguish between water break and urine.
Water break is smelly and stinky with blood stain in it and contact your doctor immediately letting them know about the water break. Contractions may atimes begin after a few hours or 24 hours.

5: Diarrhea

You will feel you need to clear your stomach and pass the stool whereas this is also a sign of Labor.

6: Leaking : The nipples become tender and milk colostrum- Milk nutrient for the baby starts leaking a few weeks before the pregnancy. Sometimes, its just like a tester before the labor pain begins.

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